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Content by Cooke energy and climate content writer
Content by Cooke Rebecca Cooke headshot

Hi, I'm Rebecca Cooke and I write 
climate and energy 


100% original, high-quality content that changes the story, not the climate. 

Here's the thing: the climate crisis is here and it's  

too important not to talk about.

People working on tomorrow’s solutions need the world to hear them today.


And, what's more - your customers want to read about your work.  

Ninety percent of consumers think it is important for businesses and brands to talk about their sustainability initiatives.*

So let’s make your content match your company’s ambitions.

Let’s share with the world how you’re protecting it.

Let’s create content that drives the climate and energy  conversation.

I write:

blog posts / SEO-optimised web copy / white papers / reports / toolkits and guides / newsletters / email copy / press releases 



solar energy / energy management / energy access / carbon projects /carbon markets / sustainable agriculture / green transport / carbon capture / climate mitigation and adaptation / green tech / decarbonising the economy

*2024 research by Trajectory & Fleet Street Communications

Let's talk



Need high-quality, original content now?

Let's get down to business. 

Email or message me on LinkedIn and I'll get back to you in two working days.

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