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Love the Earth

Energy and climate
writing and strategy

If you want to effectively communicate what your company is doing on climate and sustainability you have to go beyond the numbers. 


Climate and energy business is complicated.

I know how tricky it is to talk about climate issues without switching your audience off. 


I see the mistakes companies make all the time. 


Too many acronyms and policy jargon stuffed into a sentence - and then there's the struggle to strike the right tone.


It's tough to communicate the very real urgency without sounding like a hysterical doomsday preacher, or getting lost in endless data with no context. 

But getting climate and energy content right is essential. 


And that’s where I can help.


By choosing the right words we can inspire critical action. 


Want to trigger investment in clean energy? 


Influence policy decisions to support climate action?


Launch a new clean tech product?  


I can help with that.

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