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Content and copywriting for climate and energy businesses

I work with businesses who want to change the world with climate and energy solutions. I write explanatory, interesting, and honest content for their audiences and stakeholders.


  • Explanatory and interesting narrative style in long and short form

  • Clean copy, no typos

  • Effective calls-to-action to support your marketing strategy

  • SEO-optimised web and social media content

  • 100% original, well-researched articles with high-quality backlinks and references 

  • Journalistic approach to content strategy and storytelling

  • Seamless, straightforward and stress-free collaboration from commission to clicking publish


Why does quality climate and energy content matter?


I’ve always loved writing. I studied journalism, trained and worked as a journalist because I was convinced that good writing could change the world for the better. 


As an energy and environment reporter, in 2014 I began digging deeper into the causes and effects of the climate crisis, and the complex energy systems that support our lives. It quickly became clear to me that this is the most pressing issue facing our world today - and that meant I just had to write about it.  


Creating a clean energy future, preventing the worst effects of climate change, and saving all that we can is a financial, logistical, social and technological challenge. 


But it’s also a communications challenge. There is so much work to do to tell people about the scale of the climate crisis and connect them with the solutions to combat it. 


Luckily, this work is being done by activists, innovators, companies and individuals working to make our energy systems more sustainable and our ecosystems more resilient. 


I work with these inspiring climate and energy actors to write stories for their audiences and stakeholders. 

Need climate or energy content?

Let's get down to business. 

Email or message me on LinkedIn and I'll get back to you in two working days.

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