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There’s something you should know about me

My off-grid home office

My off-grid home office.

I don’t just write about renewable energy and sustainability - I live it. 


Since 2018, I have dedicated my content writing career to working solely on climate, energy and sustainability as the biggest stories on the planet.  


At the same time, I chose to transform my lifestyle to learn to live and work in a more climate-conscious way. So, I went off-grid. Really off-grid.

I live on a remote island, relying heavily on the abundance of nature and renewable energy.


My work and life is powered by solar panels, my office is built from all recycled materials, my water access is siphoned from a spring, and I’m trying (with mixed results) to grow my own fresh produce. 


All this means any content commissioned from me is powered completely by renewable energy too!  


Hear more about my decision to live and work off-grid on Bloomberg Green Zero podcast, BBC World Service, or and read my story, What I’ve learned living and working on a remote off-grid island. 

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